Story of my Life

With this long list of fails

I can’t dream at night

Of nothing but death and decay.

Fuck all that’s happened before this

I used all my power to try

But now I’m backed up

And broken and drowning

Sleep won’t come easy

To me.


I’m thirsty

Oh Lord, I’m so thirsty

Tired and wasted

And dry

Now you can’t see my face

Through this shade of disgrace

That’s determined to eat

Me alive.


I’m starving myself to be better

So hungry it feels like I’ll die

While I’m longing to be

In a world where I’m free

To be finally happy inside.


I hate myself more

Than I’ve ever

I loathe my body

Skin and flaws

I hate what I’ve done

To the ones that I love

I’ve been eaten alive

From inside.


4 thoughts on “Story of my Life

    • Wow thank you for such a wonderful comment, this is the second day of having a blog and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the amazing community of wordpress.
      Keep being amazing x


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