Shit list #1

Kendall Jones
I hope you die
When some one shoots
You in the eye.
A crossbow arrow
A loaded gun
A hungry lion
Killing’s oh so fun.

A cheer-leading chick
From a Texas tech
Shooting white rhinos for kicks
A leopard for her fix
Few lions for a while
Goddamn Africa, you wild.

Claiming conservation as
Her key motivation.
But what she’s really doing
Is just straight up frustrating
Cuz I can see through the lies
And your school-girl disguise

Kinda hope you rot in hell-fire
When it’s your time to die.

7 thoughts on “Shit list #1

    • Hahaha I love it, thanks for giving me a laugh because she does deserve more hell. It was more of a mockery if anything.
      Let’s all send it as fan mail ;p
      Thanks so much for your comment
      Stay excellent x ❤


  1. Not many sentences end with “fuck off and die” followed by a smiley and a heart, haha. Brilliant schmilliant, but thank you for your sweet comments. Whatever the case, we’re poets-in-arms, against this Texas waste and pro-smoking. Cheers to that and cheers to us. =) -Mike


    • Haha over the years I have ended many a sentence with fuck off and die, might be one of the only things I’ve taken from my generation and ran with.
      Yes I’m actually quite honored that you appreciate my work, I can hardly be considered a poet yet.
      But I’ll drink to that any day!


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