Each time I get to rest

Defeated and silenced

Listlessly awaiting

The morning that

Too soon comes.

Well maybe I’ll wake up

To see all new faces

A change to my perspective

Of which I’ll grab and run.


But these new eyes are so wrong

The world’s jacked up and jaded

Sky’s a lighter shade of pale

While buildings crack and fall

There’s pavement on the walls

Now surely this ain’t real

I just can’t get a grasp

None of this I can feel.


Well soon I’ll surely wake

And see the light of day

But the world’s still jacked and jaded

We’ve turned our love to hate.


20 thoughts on “SOCIETY

    • Thank you so very much, I am further inspired with each comment.
      So pleased to have produced something that you have enjoyed, I will continue to post as it’s quickly becoming what I love.
      Stay fantastic x ❤


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