You tell me that you

Wanna go to Heaven

But I must have

Missed the memo

On why you’d

Wanna live forever.

You thank God

For your life privileges

But I’d rather take

That credit for myself.


Dear Mother,

I’m sorry that I

Don’t believe in ghosts

This faith in misconceptions

Has halted progress and growth

But we don’t care

We don’t think

We don’t listen to

The voice of present day.


Once upon a time

We thought the

World was flat.

A common misconception

Destroyed by evident fact

Some day we’ll

Look back and laugh

At the archaic, blind

Faith of the past.


Maybe tomorrow

Will be better than today

Maybe tomorrow you

Will find a different way.

There’s a better life

Waiting on the outside

Of these empty vowels

And city walls.


But if you’re so content

Throwing shit at a fan

Then I’ll see you all

In hell at the end.



    • I hold my faith in science, so it’s essentially a dig at my family not being able to move forward from their archaic Christian beliefs, despite the evidence I provide them with.
      Thank you ever so much, the appreciation is mutual 🙂 x

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