Real life update #3

Tomorrow I return to university

to join the majority.


For our generation to survive

we must surely surmise,

thy must complete ones youth

and onto thy demise

confined by a sum

of eternal debt.


7 thoughts on “Real life update #3

  1. My kids have 5 figure student loans, too. Had they attended at state college, it could have been free (to residents). A young woman I know who did this graduated with a bachelor’s in business administration. She now has a job in the banking industry earning more than my son who has a doctorate. Independence away from parents just to become a slave to debt means trading in one master for another.

    No doubt I would’ve done the same at 18, not considering the cost of paying it back after college was over. Trade/vocational school are a better choice for some people

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    • Yeah it’s pretty daunting, I’m attending basically a state college/trade school but we don’t get anything for free in New Zealand – it all goes on a loan which just increases forever, or until they cut you off and expect you to pay for yourself.

      I don’t really even give a shit about making money anyways so it kinda feels like pushing shit uphill – but I love learning so it’s all worth it in the end, somehow 😀
      Thanks for engaging, really appreciate it.
      Stay amazing xx ❤


      • It is my firm belief that putting our children into debt for an education is countrywide suicide. No matter what country it is. Many of the worlds greatest thinkers were self-taught, but that was before a person had to have a piece of paper showing a college degree–whether the person learned anything in school or not. If you love learning, you’ll go far. 🙂

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    • Yeah I negate all thoughts of my debt at the best of times, because I truly do love studying.
      But it’s pretty daunting facing a future of academia.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Have a fantastic day xx ❤


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