No rest for the wicked


You filthy fat fucking rebel

Have you no respect for the dead.

Tobacco, the gun toting fool’s gold

Looting treasures of real humans

Who were once as you and I.

You cheap goddamn trash.

This image will solely uphold

Etched sharply in minds eye.

A sick remembrance of the tragic

Khaki-clad crash.



6 thoughts on “No rest for the wicked

    • Thanks so much! It was a quick and angry rant, I saw the picture on a news site and it just filled me with so much disgust.
      The saddest thing, is he believes that he is doing the right thing.


    • Thanks for this comment, fantastic to have someone relate to my feelings and words!
      Yeh I’m keeping myself fairly distanced from all the conflict but this image just instilled so many negative feelings that needed to be vented haha here’s to safe air travel!
      Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to engaging more in the future xx ❤


  1. I always look into their eyes. That tells me a great deal about what he’s going through. His expression is of trepidation, a nervous little boy who does as he’s told. A child soldier in spirit but not in chronological age.


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