Real life update #4

Polesque, pole dancing

Served up with a side dish of

Sultry burlesque


3 thoughts on “Real life update #4

  1. Ages ago… a woman I loved was an exotic dancer and this reminded me of her again. thank you… 😉 I also remember the burlesques or risquĂ© players at carny time when I was young who would dress up and do all these strange acrobatic routines on stage in the old vaudeville way with sensual innuendo… I’d snuck in through the back side curtain to gawk haaa ha… was of course led out later… but fun!


    • I love this! What a beautiful moment of reminiscence, so pleased I could conjure up such memories, they truly sound fantastic!
      Thanks for commenting, it instills such joy knowing that I can provide people with moments of relation like this.
      Stay awesome xx ❀


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