Another boring story

There’s contradictions complicating

conversations, it’s so frustrating.

The failed wishes

of the backyard pissers

and their pregnant missus.

It is the bet that we all

choose to lose.


The corpses of your motivations

are the key to mass suffragium.

Overburdened and overloaded,

the system crumbles

the wise men falter.

Fall down.


To Labour,

exploitation’s nothing new

It’s a method tried and true.

Miley Cyrus’s gyrations

take control of all nations.

You’ll see the bitches crawl

in modern traditions.

Just like they always will.

But the faces on your TV screen

won’t eventually fulfill your dreams.

Their just trying to be the

number one human being

to live,



And you don’t need to

work that shitty wage,

or give back all you’ve got

for all the rest of your days.

See none of this is new,

the world ain’t getting worse.

It’s time for us to realize

how shitty this being alive shit is.

We’re never gonna win

when we’re sinking faster

than we can swim.

There is no way to recover.

We’ve come too far to recover.


12 thoughts on “Another boring story

    • I’m hearing some the surprising internal rhymes and gilded complaining of my idol Philip Larkin. 22? Hope this poem-writing is more than a hobby, P.D.


      • I’ve never had an opportunity to be educated in poetry – currently finding and digesting all of Philip Larkin’s work, are there any others you can recommend?
        Yup 22 yrs! It’s basically a hobby at the moment but my career path will hopefully pursue scientific writing so I guess there’s a chance I could expand my poetic possibilities as well!
        Thanks heaps for the comment, ever motivating and inspiring.
        Have a great day ❤ xx


    • Great comment! That’s basically the perfect descriptor, I relate to both equally. And have an ingrained love for everything beat of course.
      Really appreciate this – what a special moment.
      Stay incredible! xx ❤


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