A serving of shit

Hire a hit-man

Oh, I’ll be the victim

I don’t want to get up anyway,


My ears are spitting bills

The coffee pots half full

Am I losing my mind?

Or is this a justified

way of life?


I just can’t stop myself

From thinking

Is there a place

For this decay?

Gold help me.

Shove it under mats

Or underground,

Then watch as the

world gives way.

That’s not the way

I see the future.


All of this must be wrong.

Because a world

That’s fucked and faded

Is not the place where

I am from.


5 thoughts on “A serving of shit

  1. LOL you’re killing me!!!! I keep coming across your “titles” before reading your words and the titles themselves draw me in like bees to honey – which is a bit scary, considering the titles I am drawn to *worries about herself* lol.

    Welcome to “the future” — I felt it coming … oh about 20 years ago, clearly anyway. No one believed me, technology becoming part of my world much sooner than many of my playmates – I felt the world turning cold and began to take notice of the changes to come, which eventually I became a dartboard to as the darts began to get thrown.

    Have you read my post “Passage” — nothing at all like this one, but does have the same type of ending. Loved this! Though I truly am concerned with which of your titles are pulling me in —- what does say about me? hehe

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