Getting old must suck dicks

It seems unusual to think that

Our time is really running out

Time’s fading.

And as these attitudes

Perplex before my eyes

Seems like we’re moving on

Seems like we’re running out of time.


As I stumble forth in darkness

And morals slowly civilize

Please save me.

It seems I’m getting old

My outlooks a pig sty.

Seems like I’m losing

Seems like my life is running on.


But I just can’t keep the pace up

This race I’m surely gonna lose

Fucksakes now,

I feel my lungs cave in

I choke up sooty lies

Feels like I’m dying

Seems like it’s fucked

I’m out of time.

9 thoughts on “Getting old must suck dicks

  1. Love it, with the curse words which I tend to use sometimes too much.
    Time is running out for all of us, one thing that is certain in life and the only thing that is certain is…. death! So we better make the best of the day to day of our life´s is my guess.


  2. Just so you know – I opened this to read simply due to the name LOL —- I’m about to read it now, brb with my comment.

    Hi, I’m back *waves* … “and morals slowly civilize” – that greatly resonated within me. At times, when coming across a certain character or body of beings – I do see a stardust of warming morals. Sadly, it’s less the stardust who make the rules and more the monsters who steals our time.


  3. You’ve captured the sense of urgency that hits me sometimes, although I’m…twenty-three. Your lines are short and crisp, reading a bit like an eviction notice. But I sense the anxiety, the pending uncertainty, and like an eviction notice, growing up is something to take seriously, but it’s okay to just throw up your hands and sigh. “Fucksakes now” indeed.


    • And you’ve captured it perfectly! That’s basically it at the moment too, facing an impending financial doom due to a flatmate ditching out on our lease so the eviction notice concept is bang on. Haha I like swearing a lot, I find it describes my utter ugh about things. Hope your day has been fantastic! xx ❤


  4. You are just alive and it is far better than the alternative! When you’re choking up spit it out – write. Clean out the the crap syllable by syllable until you find clean air and BREATHE FREE!


    • Brilliant, I love it! Thanks for that, very insightful and I will endeavor to do so. Keeping scrap paper at all times to scribble thoughts on 🙂
      Hope you’re having a great day xx ❤


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