Real life update #5

Yoga and bongs

The perfect way to start a

Shitty cold Sunday

4 thoughts on “Real life update #5

  1. Yeahh!!!…. sounds good to me… well apart from the Sunday being cold and shitty, but the rest is perfect…
    Hey… hang on a minute. How did you get to Sunday before me… it’s still Saturday.
    Wow, that’s far out man…
    Nurse!!! Help!!!

    Cool haiku ~
    hope your Sunday
    gets warmer

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    • Haha I’m in New Zealand so we’re ahead of the rest of the world by ages… And thus it is winter.
      Sunday stayed shit, the sun came out today but it was just a deceptive lie – dressed inappropriately and it was cold as fuck.
      Hope the weather is nicer where you are xx ❤


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