Saturday night’s the night for farting

I bet things won’t

ever turn out right.

I know I never could

win no fights.

I doubt I’ll even give

a fuck tonight,

I won’t do anything tonight.

I was gonna climb a mountain,

now divided by an ocean.

Where the hell did my motivation



Now I can’t be fucked

doing anything


Looks as though I’ll just

be getting high.

8 thoughts on “Saturday night’s the night for farting

  1. I don’t know Cha Annie. Farting, especially in great quantity and volume, can lead to a whole new list of intriguing hobbies. The next You Tube sensation, a new musical group with a flair for the macabre. It’s just endless fun that awaits. 🙂


  2. LOLOLOL OMG STOP! First of all, if you’ve read my other comments prior to this one, you’ll already know what your titles are doing to me *giggles* — but this one .. this one caused me to start singing “Saturday night’s the night for fighting” – until I realized you wrote farting!

    That was my Saturday night too hon – I would have joined you if only I had wings.


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