Thanks to you all!


I’m so overwhelmed

To think that I’ve entered

The writers true realm.

To each of your souls

It should closely be held

My bids of great thanks

And wishes of well.

For your likes and

Your follows will

Always be held

Close to my heart

In this sweet, poetic world.


10 thoughts on “Thanks to you all!

    • Thanks it’s incredibly motivating to receive that comment from such an experienced writer, really appreciated looking forward to catching more of you in the future! Have a great day xx ❤


  1. What a wonderful show of gratitude! My new friend on the other end of the world – I’m glad we crossed paths.

    I just joined WP 2 months ago – I still have absolutely no idea how to setup anything *giggles* – though I did notice that I have near 100 followers (most I call the phantoms) – and upon checking on them – as I’ve never heard a peep from those masses – I was a bit surprised to find out who some of them were, and perplexed as to why they were following me.

    This was truly a very warm and genuine gratitude, written so beautifully.

    ❤ Kimba


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