Cultural evolution

Long past artistic renditions

Are soiled by time

As the West destroys values

Like vultures of night.

Centuries of honored traditions

And cultures are dashed

Complete destroyer of lives

So carelessly crass.

It concerns me so much

I’ve nothing but sighs

As the death of the old world

Is certainly nigh.


10 thoughts on “Cultural evolution

  1. This is interesting. The title makes me think of China’s Cultural Revolution, although I’m sure this wasn’t your focus. Ha. Anyway, interesting in that this is a conversation/debate I often stumble upon. “Are we better off?” “Was there a Golden Age?” “Did this Golden Age really exist?” Some people get pretty heated about it.

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    • Haha yeah this was kinda ranty about the destruction of Maori culture, because it’s right in front of me at home. But it’s cool that it strikes thoughts of other situations in your mind! Yeah, I think technologically we’ve kinda taken a step in the wrong direction. We’ve always killed each other and stuff, but at least then we were still literally fighting for said people to survive. Now we just expect life to be as it is now for us, all fancy and shit. I dunnnno. I’m not so heated, more just interested. Hope you’re having a great day 🙂


  2. i’m not sure it was any different a long time ago. isn’t history full of one culture destroying another?
    we might just be the”crazy ape”.
    best image….”like vultures of night”

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    • Yes we as a species really disobey all natural behavioral laws. Typically a member of a species would not kill another individual of the same species in an attempt to grab territory – they would use threat displays and the less dominant would stand down, then move on. It’s not beneficial to the survival of your species for you to kill another member. But I guess the stubborn, emotionally complex nature of humans drives us that one step further… Maybe?


    • Oh yes I agree 100% with that. I think that slipped in there because I quickly typed this one in class when we were discussing the pre- and post-European culture of Maori – the indigenous people of New Zealand. Prior to the late eighteenth century when Europeans began frequenting the country, the Maori were tribal people with an absolutely beautiful culture, a not-so-long-ago hunter-gatherer kinship based culture that heavily believed in respect for the land, water and everything around them. It’s devolved over time and I guess the West slipped in there because I’ve only been around to see the recent generation of Maori, influenced by Western fast-foods and trends, who don’t speak the language or know the culture. So today, hearing stories of only a couple of generations ago when they all still spoke, interacted and believed in the Maori culture was saddened.


      • I understand, but I would say this was not the average European who typically was poor and without many rights themselves. And then they were forced into fighting these massive colonialist wars to protect these empires. They had to be forced to their own death with draft laws forcing you men to do things they would not have done on their own.

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      • Most definitely, though I’ve not much knowledge of European settlement I do know a fair amount about my countries colonization. The Maori were originally like warriors and when warring with other tribes they would use threat techniques found in the animal kingdom such as dance displays – the Haka, to see which tribe was most dominant. This was beneficial as they weren’t just killing each other for land willy-nilly. When the Europeans came they were much more advanced, utilizing guns and toting power, while the Maori had merely spears and battle axes – no chance. I’m a descendant of both the European colonizers and the Ngāti Awa tribe – the original Maori settlers to land on New Zealand in the Mataatua waka (canoe), so this poem reflects a complex inner battle of whose right or wrong. I just wish so much that I could experience the original Maori culture somehow.


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