Real life update #7

Came to stats focused

But now I’m cruising the net

Shit, when will I learn?


5 thoughts on “Real life update #7

  1. You’re taking stats. Hmmmm…I think I understand why surfing the net became an urgent need. You can only Chebychev so much, then it’s time to hit the ejector button.

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    • Yup it’s really no fun but I’m going to be researching animals my whole career so gotta be able to do the maths to prove I’m right, sigh. Thanks for stopping by!! xx ❤


  2. hey, life is a mystery, more mysterious the longer you live. an artist is one who searches, so the learning never stops, kind of like a bowel movement. the declarative nature of your writing is sincere and honest. interesting is the expression of “stats” as a measure of real life #7. what will #8 reveal? i like this poem.


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