To Robin, with strength

Yeah, suicide is shit

There’s no right or wrong

But surely that means nothing

Once you’re actually gone.


Is that not the point?

To be rid from this life.

The disaster and chaos

And infinite strife.

I know I’d leave them behind

If the choice truly were mine

But there’s parents and friends

Such lovers who’ll whine.


“Suicide is selfish”

Is oft what I’ve heard

But maybe what you think

Is what’s really absurd.

Yeah, you’ll sometimes feel waves of uncertainty,

Passing thoughts of confusion and grief

But are your interpretations

Of these flighting moments

Worth sacrificing someone else’s relief?

When they’ve hit perpetual exhaustion

And are ready to finally admit defeat

The decision is not yours

It is theirs wholly, complete.


7 thoughts on “To Robin, with strength

  1. good shit, ya know after 16 years working in mental health, then moving to mortuary science and moving to teaching the philosophy of death and dying-suicide is the foggiest area i deal with. hardest with my teen and child clients…crazy shit.

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    • Wooooow you get to do the coolest work ha! I’ve got the most morbid fascination with the evolutionary origins of depression and suicide – obviously it must be in some ways successful to be depressed else we wouldn’t have evolved it. Reviewing literature has led me to conclude it’s about taking a step back to evaluate your position and decision-make from there, literally depressing yourself from the stressors to evaluate where to next. Must be so hard with the teens/kids – especially to pin-point what’s stressing them. Love your work!! xx


      • my background was mental health/psychology-rec therapist…started when i was 18, too young to work in direct care. THEN moving careers and to cultural differences and the history of human tradition with “suicide”-totally insane. plus ethical obligations-but now looking at Oregon and terminal illnesses and what other states/countries are moving to-it boils down to control. the one who ends their life is regaining control over pain and suffering of mental or physical illness. they have control again, and leave a wake of anger. and with people’s most common response to death being “RIP” and to grieve it complicates it to be angry with the person who took control back. it’s not like you can be mad at cancer, or the shooter, drunk driver-just the asshole who called the shots and left loved ones alone in this hell hole. -all hail the struggle. i like your writing. thanks for sharing!

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  2. Everyone has their limit. Those limits are not set at the same height for everyone. Those that have never crossed that invisible line find it easy to sit in judgement. For those that have pushed that limit out as far as human endurance will allow understand it’s a valid alternative, if only for the one that chooses it.

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    • Fantastic comment – very powerful!
      I totally agree, it’s crazy how we can’t control what our brains tell us right, and how much the choices we make can change things.
      You’re wonderful, stay great! xx

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