Life update: August

To those who have followed these misadventures of mine
an update is due, I’m sure it is time.

Yeah I’ve been pretty angry and angsty at best
as I haven’t had the time to properly rest.

My flatmate went MIA well over a month ago,
he left me for dead – $1,800 rent per month
to cover alone.

So I’m stuck DOA left to desperately flail,
try to surface for air while attempting not to fail.

Then my partner came back from his overseas travels,
a touring man with a band
surely luck would

But his tour was cut short due to miscommunication
and the money held back from the shows they did,
how the fuck did this all happened?

Several kicks in the teeth were met gracefully by me,
I said I shall overcome –
truth is I spent much of that time
at the bottom of a bong.

Did I forget to mention that amongst this building tension,
I’m still in the midst of recovery from several months
of mental instability.
A three month long depressive episode
daily lethargy and apathy
catatonic exhaustion

It’s a wonder to think
that I never did sink
beyond this world long enough to drown,
I even stayed in this stupid fucking town.
Didn’t get jack shit done,
deadlines come and gone

And the midnight bells chimed bout an hour ago.
Am I back to Cinderella,
or do I stay Belle of the ball?
Stay tuned – coming next
Jim with Sports highlights

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