An hour in Auckland city

City people bother me
they look like fucking jerks
dressed up all pretentious like
bees buzzing around their hive

The question that I’ve got to ask is
how do they fight side by side, this
aesthetic battle to stay alive
to find a mate and settle down
drown forever in this town
so your progeny survive
to grow up
dirty lies

I visit town for just one day
it’s pretty clear I hate this place
been here but ten minutes,
haven’t even hit
the city yet

Stuck in midtown
don’t know where the fuck we are
I would try consult the stars
but the city lights just shine
so fucking far

I hope we can escape this place
rid our thoughts of eternal waste
I’m leaving here with so much haste
but the buses are never on time
though I guess that neither am I
must be why we don’t get along
I’ve been stuck here in this town
for far too fucking


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