Bullshit excuses

I guess I should do more things

But it feels like I do a lot

My perception of time

Is totally fucked,

I’ve an absent mind

And a shit-tonne of luck.


Buried in a pile of bullshit

That stacks a mile to the sky

There’s a million excuses



Beneath the rubble and decay.

But the search for them gets harder

The pressures building up each day

Maybe it’s that I’m a goddamn loser

Who just needs to justify their ways.


So when life flips up, rolls on it’s side

And it’s looks as though the end is nigh

That’s when I think to myself

Let’s keep on living this lie.


3 thoughts on “Bullshit excuses

  1. wow, you have a whole canon of works tagged under “bullshit” – impressive. i think i like this one best of the bunch, particularly line 6

    hopefully you find something to inspire you to write something more happy and full of rainbows, unless that’s not your thing.


    • Ha glad you found my stash! I was going through a pretty miserable bout of depression through the middle of this year, hence the dark writing. It’s recently stabilized and the rainbows and happiness are on their way! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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