Blogging or naaah?

If I wrote real

Blog posts would you want to read

Them, and what about?


4 thoughts on “Blogging or naaah?

  1. I enjoy your posts because of the emotion and struggle you document in every line with every word. I find myself always hoping you will find some respite from those daily WTF’s that land in your lap. If you expanded your blog, it would be interesting to see more of your artistic side expressed in any way you choose.

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    • Hahaha daily WTFs, that sums it up perfectly! Kinda feels like I’m constantly pushing shit uphill and yep, I too am waiting for some respite :p but hmm I didn’t think I’d actually get into this blogging thing but I like the community vibes. Getting more involved could be good ❤ xx hope your day has been well

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  2. I feel my poetry, which in my opinion is my weakness, is better received than my “blog” posts. I think you should write whatever you feel compelled to write. That’s what it’s all about.


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