Stoned crock pot disaster

The crock pot exploded into thick

Shards of porcelain, cracking perfectly

Around the curcumfrence. Spitting

Hot, sticky, gooey, slimey stew

All over the stove, burning black

Immediately filling my apartment

With a different flavor of smoke

Than usual.


So no, it should not have been

Removed from its proper home

To be cooked on an element, but

The crock-of-shit crock pot simmered

Away for hours with no end in sight.

I had no choice but to compromise,

It’s nearing 11pm, you must understand.

I’ve the impatient munchies and 

Now the crock has no pot,

More useless than ever.

Fuck it,

I’ve got my pot

And that’s all that matters.


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