Avian noise pollution?

Seagulls make so much

Damn noise, we’re not even at

The beach – what the hell?


2 thoughts on “Avian noise pollution?

  1. Ah-ha so it’s the same on the other side of the planet also. These beasts called seagulls that haven’t got a clue what the sea looks like decide to take over the town. Are your seagulls super arrogant as well? I’ve tried reasoning with them, I’ve said “It’s in the name mate, and I don’t mean the ‘eagull’ bit, that’s right ‘sea’, big blue watery thing that’s about 8 miles away, you should give it a try.” but they just give me a sideways stare and fly back to their rooftop which they think is a cliff.
    If it wasn’t for the amazing book “Johnathan Livingston Seagull”, I might have given up on them altogether.
    United Against Seagulls That Live In Towns


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