My 19th birthday themed Perverts & Pornstars, the finale of my bogan, drunk teen-self (this was a stripper costume, this isn’t my usual attire – 4L of wine was usual)

Holy Jesus,
I haven’t been to a party in…
I don’t even know how long.

That’s insane, I don’t even believe
how I turned into the stoned spectacle
I am today


The cool image
of a grown up me, sweet sixteen
– ripped jeans
leather jacket
beer in one hand
wine glass perched
precariously in the other
alongside a roll-your-own cigarette
swaying unsteadily in the sun
on a cool summer’s afternoon
Hometown – where it was
always summer.

The constant juggle between casks
of boxed wine was recurring
I even thought my coffin
would be a boxed wine casket with
‘medium dry’ printed on the side

I thought I’d still be dropping acid
like it was my life-blood
chugging home-brew vodka by the 40
letting the week days roll into blurred weekends
with hairy, smelly bogans
and no sense of responsibility

And I never even smoked weed then
I couldn’t have given less of a shit
getting high to me was more
than something planted
It was e’s, speed and a whole
galaxy of uppers

But now I’m a stoner
it works great for me
I guess just maybe,
this is how my life
should be


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