Sleeping on the Couch Tonight

droning dumb inside my head
angry swarm of bees


6 thoughts on “Sleeping on the Couch Tonight

  1. How do you syllablise ‘infomercials?’ in-fo-mer-ci-als? I would have written it as the Anglicised 4 syllables in-fo-mer-cials. That’s the technical bit over – I enjoyed the short, sharp buzz of the idea. G:)


    • Although Charlotte adheres to the 5-7-5 format, a majority of modern writers of Haiku and senryu do not. It’s simply not necessary. Not that I encourage or discourage either, just putting it out there.

      And infomercials would be pronounced using 5 syllables. The Anglicised pronunciation wouldn’t work here.

      Take the word pronounced- you could have pro-nownst or pro-noun-sid. That’s the great thing about poetry. Using nonstandard pronunciation in metered writing is as old as writing.


      • When my grandfather was alive I would sneak upstairs into his place and watch tv at like 4 in the morning.. weird shit, lots of bizarre Spanish shows, they made me laugh. I used to smoke cigarettes up there too, haha. After a while it would just go all snow.

        I’ll have to check that kiwi show out. My son might like it. I might too, haha. And though I love cats, I’m a big believer in keeping domestic ones inside and neutering and spaying ferals. Cats are disastrous to ecosystems.

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      • Wow that’s so interesting! We get Maori TV haha
        It’s just a short minute and a half long clip, kinda cute but really old school. I think TV went 24/7 in 1994 here.

        Yeah cats are total disasters and I agree with you on the neutering etc. We have lots of conservation islands here that we keep pest free and release endangered birds, reptiles and insects onto that we keep completely cat-free.

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