Weather is bullshit

Spring has sprung but all

I hear is rain hulk-smashing

Nature in the face


5 thoughts on “Weather is bullshit

      • I’ve written some doozies. But they are if you want them to be. That’s key. Lemme give you some verbal LSD cause it’ll blow your mind, man.

        Haiku, historically, have a nature theme. The best Haiku usually have something unexpected or surprisingly. In this case, hell yeah it’s a Haiku. And like I mentioned in the other comment, they don’t need to adhere to the 5-7-5 format. I’ve written plenty that do, and plenty more that dont. One example I wrote that I’m particularly proud of:



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      • Woohoo, yeah that’s basically the jist of what I understand them to be. But it’s been wintery and gloomy so the nature of what I’ve been interacting with is different to actual nature haha

        That’s a great poem, you should be proud! ❤

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