Drunks are kinda annoying

local drunks
annoy me
they act like
fucking dicks

watching rugby
drinking beer
til they get off
their tits

chauvinistic pigs
who shout and scream
and spit

i’d like to find
a quiet place
with like-minds
far from this

it may well be
a smoking bar
or even
just my house

all I know is
that I would go
to the ends
of the earth
to avoid these
fucking jerks

4 thoughts on “Drunks are kinda annoying

    • Definitely! I live close to the rugby stadium where all the international games are played and they storm out of the stadium drunk as hell, roaring in search of public transport and swarming to MCDonald’s, gaaah


  1. Love this, when i want to go to my quiet place I just close my eyes and use my imagination, i can go anywhere in my mind and sometimes just sometimes there’s a beautiful woman there to, that’s my equal, that’s my friend, that’s my soulmate, the trouble is when I open my eyes she is gone and it feels like I will never find her lol x

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