How To Save A Life In 10 Minutes

Yesterday a friend of mine
came upon an opportunity
to save a struggling life

he’d skipped out of class early
to ease his aching back

headed to the pub
catching a train
to race on down the tracks

ten minutes to wait
schedule often runs late
so slowly he paced
toward the end of the station
out of the bustling commuters way
to light up a J

he came across a situation
unlike any usual sensation

a middle aged woman
eyes lulling and rolling
face sunken, pale white
fresh wounds up her sleeve
from her mouth white froth seethed

he’s no stranger, you see
to the perils of anxiety
without a moment of delay
he began to help her in every way

her pulse was low
she would be gone soon
an overdose surely
would not today
be her doom

he called for an ambulance
arrived in minutes to the scene

the twist that rules supreme
is the number of people who had seen
a real-life human-being
dying alone
in tragedy

they’d no intention to act
or even stop to check

during minutes waiting
for the medics to arrive
he asked her a few question
though not-much could she rise
“80 pills” of something
was all that she advised

paramedics swept the scene
took flight with the near-dead

he left no name
the anonymous hero
zero remains

and with the station bare again
he stepped onto his train


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