On New Zealand’s Politics #1

nat whore
I really don’t give a shit
about my nation’s politics
so maybe writing poetic updates
on our up and coming electoral fate
will incite some more effort
for me to learn about
those boring great debates

regarding rates and taxes
ministers aggravate me
the big deal going on right now
in current affairs of late
regards the systematic process
of environmental rape

the mining of our minerals
oils and soils a far
is getting the push forward with gust
though it’s more like a shove

one species of cetacean
smallest of its kind
the native Maui’s dolphin
is an extraordinary find
with merely 55 remaining
we’ll surely have no luck
in securing this species future
if deep sea oil is unplugged

then the goings-on in Christchurch
so unfortunate – it sucks
trapped in icy winter
with walls that are cracked and fucked

foundations slipping from under
they’ve had a terrible bout of luck
as the housing minister sits on his hands
their money’s run dry and
their stuck with their land
not a fiver left
or their own two feet
to stand

7 or 8 people
living like war-trodden men
piled into small houses
moldy and damp
should have been abandoned
but there’s no other place for occupation
they can afford in such times of tribulation

when the ground sits still no more
will these plan to explore
and mine the land for all
it’s precious shiny oil
benefit the poor
or will foreigners win
this ignored war


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