Go Fuck Yourself

Trapped and drowning
Suffocated by hate for
This piece of shit human
It’s no great debate
That he’s sucked from the start
And it never would last

Product of manipulation
Browsing woman like we’re in some
Sick, twisted open relationship
That I wasn’t aware of

No wonder I’m struggling with
Cognitive suicide, how can your mind
Possibly survive such great inadequacy
Without laying down to die

7 months of soul-crushing,
Spirit-shredding cheating
Has pushed me past psychosis
Into hospital halls and police cell walls

I’ve been arrested for prevention of suicide
More times than I’ve committed crime
They pop me in the medical room
Then off to a respite home

Purple and green dote my face
Hazy shades of sad disgrace
Why do I stay in this fucked-up
Love rat-race


4 thoughts on “Go Fuck Yourself

  1. Yeh, I almost hate to like this–but you do some great stuff there, particularly in the middle three stanzas. Keep raging, girl–and if these last few are autobiographical, get the hell out.


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