There’s no deeper meaning to this

I feel like a black sheep
Leper of modern society

I need padded walls
So when they cave in
My head will stay intact
… Again

This probably all seems
A little bit too much for
The internet to grasp
Words transcending digital realms
Grasping through the screen
Aiming straight for your heart
A gaping atrium choking on blood
Like it’s been punched in the mouth
And left dead to rot

Between the strangling and gargling
This assemblage of words
Won’t make any sense to you,
Or possibly even me.
And that is why I’ll forever be
The blackest fucking sheep.

One thought on “There’s no deeper meaning to this

  1. With my dad being a preacher, I was the black sheep of the family. Drinking started at 15, marijuana started at 19, then insanity stepped in at 24…I’m still the only one in my generation to smoke cigarettes…my only crutch, (unless you count chocolate)…good poem…just remember there’s a whole gang of us black sheep out there that are learning not to care what the “white” sheep have to say or do!

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