Not even a thousand browned and burnt cigarettes
Could ease the sharp ache riding high on my chest
The scratching in my throat that’s itching with unrest
The fire burning in my heart died out a long time ago
Do you happen to have a lighter that I could borrow?


9 thoughts on “Smoking

    • I hate everyone (aside from you) and everything and my phones been off for almost a week and Facebook just got cancelled and I’m sinking and drowning and the whole world can just fuck the fuck right off because it doesn’t need me and never will.


      • Well, it’s good to hear from you. Shit seems pretty fuckin stink for you right now, but the best changes in life seem to come along when you least expect them to, so who knows maybe the next big thing for you is right around the corner.. you never know, much weirder/stranger things have happened, like capitalism.

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  1. Haha good comment bo, thanks for the support! Officially given up on a whole year of study, sigh. It’s been a whole 5 months since the end-all of all episodes and I just don’t know when the hell this will ever end.

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