Hey Jack
My oldest friend
Oh shit, it’s almost been
5 years since I departed home
Left for the big city all alone

I guess it never treated you
As bad as I always confess
Cept for that massive knock
You took to your head that
Had me so scared and stressed

But Auckland ain’t much better
See it don’t want me no more
Seems like this story’s unfurling
Kinda like it’s done before

So now I have to leave this city
A place that I did once adore
I’m coming home to Tauranga
Because I have lost my war


2 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. It’s good to see you making moves for your own stability.
    Rest and recuperate, and once you’re ready you can join the front lines of city life again; studying, and battling for the animals that can’t help themselves, and that people are too lazy and ignorant to care for.
    There’s shit in every city, and yet they can still shine.
    Everyone leaves their rut eventually, usually when they least expect it. Keep your head high and your hands outstretched waiting to grab it and run with it.


    • I’m just happy I’m not Len Brown else I’d be a trillion times more miserable haha hey bo I think I’m staying here, Auckland is expensive and awful whereas it’s beautiful down here and I can probably complete my studies correspondently. Chaaa hooo! Thanks for the wonderful comment boo, you my fave! I’ll charge my phone soon and snap ya xx

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