The brilliant sun once shone
So brilliantly, glaring bright
But lungs have filled with ash
Burnt out fire that won’t light
A million sentiments ago
The smoke filled up our home
Now it’s wet and died out
We rely on the stars to glow

7 thoughts on “Starlight

  1. Dark and sad and beautiful.

    It’s funny, this morning my 6 year old son started telling me how the sun was born (a magical, fantastic tale that I’ve already begun writing a book about it) and now I’m imagining it being reborn for you.


      • He’s honestly inspired so much writing from me, it’s great. =)

        So, sunny’s good. Yeah. But it doesn’t help bitter does it. What caused the bitterness? If you don’t want to answer here, or answer at all, no worries. Just know I’m thinking of you and sending hearts and thoughts your way.


      • Cuuuute!!
        I guess I let my life turn to shit this year. I got made redundant from the coolest job ever, was too depressed to get out and complete the final year of my degree, accumulated an impossible amount of debt and then had to completely shift my life back to my hometown.
        Thank you for the thoughts and hearts! Truly appreciated ❤


      • You sound like me, haha. Debt, moved back to my hometown.. yeah, it can be tough. I’ve had horrific depression lately to the point of sleeping all the time, letting good job opportunities go; I need to shake out of it.

        It sounds like you’re doing better, so that puts a smile on my face anyway. =)


  2. two ‘brilliants’ – I like this piece ‘a million sentiments ago’ is lovely; but, I am not sure about ‘wet and died out’ it made me think of ‘wet and dried’ but that’s just me – Graeme:)


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