Dunedin, Otago

It’s just so damn typical
That 1840’s colonial Scot’s
Upon reaching New Zealand
Would choose to settle down
Plot out a new Edinburgh town
In the harshest, most desolate region
That could be fit for a population


8 thoughts on “Dunedin, Otago

    • Ha nah you should be more concerned about your furniture being burnt or the general student debauchery “scarfies” as their called. Are you from nz? It’s not too bad there just cold in winter, hot in summer and cloudy a lot. Best place in the country to study though!


      • I heard, especially about the sofa burning romps :b I’ll learn to live with them. And no, I live in Indonesia, a very, very tropical country. Cloudy is always welcome, extra flu in the winter probably, but extremely glad to know it’s a great place to study! Did you study in Dunedin too?


      • Oh awesome I bet it’s wonderful there, I’ve been to a few places around southeast asia so know the tropical weather you’re referring to! Otago truly is wonderful, the whole south island is really beautiful and the people are so lovely. Unfortunately not, I went to Auckland to study but wish I’d gone down to “Dunners”


      • It’s wonderful here if you go to the beaches and temples, but the city… Not so much. I mean the buildings are great if the sun could just go below 35 celsius every now and then 😦 I’m glad to hear that, though Auckland is a pretty great place to go too, right? At least, that’s what I heard.


      • Eek well I’ll knit you some winter woolies and send them down when it starts getting colder! Beaches and temples, how amazing! Sounds like home except we have Maori maraes instead of temples 🙂 Auckland’s amazing but busy, although 1million people probably isn’t a big city for you haha let me know when you get here I’ll be happy to host you in Tauranga when you come to the north island!

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      • Already ahead of you, I’m going to make a total of 3 scarves & 3 hats (though my mom says it’s not enough). And well, currently I live in the city hub, so no beaches or temples anywhere for a year haha. 1 million sounds perfect, too many people can be a headache sometimes :b When I’m on vacation, sure!


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