I don’t believe in God

Once upon a time I had life
But now it overflows with strife
Filled it to the brim with black chaos
All that was once put in is now lost

Time, efforts and energy
Have flowed right out in synergy
Internal fire’s now fuelled by self-pity
With an occasional stoking of sympathy

As cuts that bleed heal eventually
I’m sure I’ll reach some epitome
When a higher power grants epiphany
Shit, It’s really a shame I don’t believe
In those supernatural ghost stories


7 thoughts on “I don’t believe in God

  1. The God that man created to suit his nebulous intent can’t do more for you than you can do for yourself. But that power that evolved the universe through the well ordered chaos of birth and death of all things great and small has also empowered you to be what you so desire if only you believe enough in yourself and good virtue where ever you find it. Anyway, a silly wee dragon told me that, but who knows where he got that stuff. The neighbor’s cat was probably just spoofing him… 😉


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