Stress Starvation

Today I simply could not eat
This can only mean one thing
A sure fire symptom of defeat
Creeping in to starve frame thin

No, I promise it’s not anorexia
That never worked out anyway
Instead this is a stress response
Leaving the starters box without delay

It’s racing onwards down the track
First out in front to the finish line
The agony is brewing speedily quick
Growing ever-so-fast with time

Who could know how long now
We’ve got left til the grand decline
When mentality wears so fine
That I completely lose my mind

The panic attacks are occurring
More oft’ than twice a week
The lethargy will settle soon
There’s nothing to do but weep

So grab your snacks, stay tuned in
For the sick show is almost here
As the circus unloads its buffoons
I’m the woman who lives on mere air

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