A Festive ‘Fuck You’

I hate Christmas
Yeah, I know
A wretched taboo
But I hate the shit
Out of that damned day

Yeah it’s true
I really do

I can never afford
The compulsory gifts
I don’t even know these people
Well enough to get
Anything near fitting

So much pressure
Even if you go handmade
They don’t actually give
Less than two shits
About your bullshit
Laborious hand-crafts
Your efforts tossed away
Doubt they’ll see another day

Then the cupboards
Raided, left bare
There’s food to be had
By an army of sad
Soul-sucked bastards
Filling up my house
Demanding the world

As if it hasn’t already
Been hard enough
To get through
The miserable year
Now life throws one last
Festive themed curveball

Get the fuck out of here
You spent the year absent
Stop pretending to care


6 thoughts on “A Festive ‘Fuck You’

  1. I enjoyed reading this, and was pleased. But I am not so pleased by having to participate in compulsory seasonal activities, often with people I don’t get along with or even genuinely know. Such an awkward, but frantic time.

    And I have to continue making my handmade gifts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed it sugar! Yup sucks right, I got repetitive strain injury trying to knit all the gifts so now no one gets anything hahaa.
      Good luck with your goodies, hope it’s a few shades better than shit xx ❤️


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