I Murdered a Family

Sometime last week
I heard the sweet
Chirp chirp chirp
-ing of baby birds
Radiating downwards
Through plaster ceiling
Above the oven
In the kitchen

An innate curiosity
Drove me outside
To scour the scene
They’re not in the gutter
No place for a nest
Ahh yes, of course
Mamma sparrow knew best

But woah, just below
An indent of steel
Cut ‘mongst stucco
Could well be the place
For a feathered family
To call home

With that problem solved
Time to spark up the oven
Forget the case closed
Crank up the heat
To bake tasty treats

Few days later
Absently noted
Chirp chirp chirp
-ing had ceased
I just guessed
Everything moves on
From their first home

Then low and behold
Today a rancid smell
Beams through the walls
Making it’s clear to see
The vents route from A-B
Sucked heat from the oven
Cooked the baby birds alive
I’m a monster in disguise


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