Inner Voice

Internal monologue
Stuck on caps lock
Shouting back each
Irrelevant thought
Process or pattern
Trying to get out
Break free like a bird
Learning to fly from
Trees set up too high
Fluttering then falling
Narrowly avoiding
The ground as it fleets
Shying away in retreat
A figment of imagination
The mother of distraction
Secret hidden agendas
Of mentally ill frustration


3 thoughts on “Inner Voice

  1. Cap locks is a good image, an overpowering scream like a raging wind, and as you write, even birds can fly in it and do “narrowly avoiding the ground”. good poem, keep flying.


  2. Can’t write all of the time I know, but I still miss reading what you have to say, feel, see.I hope you are doing okay. I’m thinking about you half way around the world.


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