Split personalities 

These clammy hands are killing me 
I’m choking on their scent 
The life I had before this 
Has been put up for rent 

A claustrophobic stagnant silence 
Draws chaos to my ears 
I’m sinking and I’m drowning 
Laid here begging for death 
As the walls start caving in 

Now cataclysmic confrontations 
They work to wear me thin 
I’m pulling out my hair because 
There’s no way to ever win

Yes, I’m still where you left me 
On the floor right now 
Bleeding from my skull 
Scared and vulnerable 
Because I’ve lost this war again 

And all the goddamn while 

These fucking walls keep caving in


4 thoughts on “Split personalities 

  1. Some strong and powerful imagery and emotions here. I really love/enjoy the harsh alliterations, particularly “claustrophobic stagnant silence” and “cataclysmic confrontations” – they really emphasize the emotion of the poem. Stanzas 3 and 4 are simply amazing and beautifully constructed, leaving those last two lines as almost appendices or a prologue to the tale. I hope writing these things down make you feel better about everything that might not be going well in your life.

    Please keep writing.

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    • Aww thank you so much, you give me so much hope. I didn’t even think this poem had structure let alone constructed stanzas. I don’t really know what I’m writing it’s just falling out because I’ve got no one to talk to. I’m in a respite home at the moment, it’s strange so yeah I’ve ended up writing a bunch today for the first time in ages. It’s making me feel better, it’s easing the distress. Thank you for being here for people like me, you’re a gift from the God I don’t have x

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