Past Life

Do you remember that time
the bone in my shin cracked?

Surely you do, it happened
after you’d pushed me to the ground
and you kicked me
while I was down there 
 – so hard
we could hear it split
or I could hear it
I still can
in the flashbacks

I can still see you
standing above me
as I cowered
and cried
you were so frustrated
and angry with me
I was scared
and apologetic because
every time you hurt me
we knew it was my fault

it was late at night
after I had been out
to my best-friends
21st birthday
and you’d been out
smoking meth
but I didn’t know that
and you didn’t like it
when I went out
but I didn’t know that

and I didn’t mean to
make you mad
when I came to bed upset
about a matter from the function
I should have left those
feelings there

and I wish I could have
stopped you 
and explained 
that I didn’t mean to be
distressed and upset
I’d take it all back
if I could

fifteen months on and
the cracks didn’t set well
might not have healed at all
I still relive this moment
this grand decline or fall
on a basis that is daily

I stopped running my fingers
over the ridges in the bone
because there is no point
in remembering
that you’ve left me broken
and alone


5 thoughts on “Past Life

  1. I think a lot of us have been through shit and back again, I feel for you. At least you’re getting out there, dealing with it. Keep it that it way, don’t let bastards take you down. Poetry is the only exit from the pain in life, it gives one hope even in the hopelessness.


  2. Physical pain
    Will heal
    Mental strain
    Is the impure ill
    So here is all I’ll say
    The past, throw away
    Keep that smile looking ahead
    Reap every wile from those who love, instead
    For inside you, there is a new you
    So let it provide you, with passion anew
    It may take time
    To know, sensations truly sublime
    Yet patience spent
    Will be equal, to the one meant
    And until that surprise in your eyes, you find
    Remember, love shared is never blind
    See the new light without fright
    Be that special one’s delight
    I wish you bliss
    Sending this kiss
    To you…


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