i’m tired
completely worn out
after hours of distress
no christmas dinner for me
haven’t caught a bite to eat
between the suicidality
and avoiding the police
wasting away this christmas day
lost on the verge of
a fraying mentality

i should be dead
how do i keep pulling through?
this weird instinct is wired
all wrong
i fight to stay alive
meanwhile, i’m fighting to die


11 thoughts on “Suicidal

  1. Hey Kiddo, Remember one thing today, no one would be responding to your poem if they didn’t care, right? A lot of people you don’t really know that well do care, and we care enough about you to be here for you. Take it one step and one day at a time, no more and no less, please?
    Love ya, kiddo.

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    • I know it’s a long shot, seems like the UK from what I’ve read. Don’t give up, please? You’re needed. There is hope as dismal as it seems.


  2. If you need anyone to talk to don’t hesitate to leave me an email (or message me here if there are messages here.) We’re all here for you. Stay strong okay?


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