2015: I’ve been sick for a long time and I don’t know if I’ll be getting better.

2014: “Holy shit I’m like a squeezed sponge of dirty angst” – Me, upon beginning to write these poems

I write them as is where is straight onto keyboard.

I’m no perfectionist, hell I don’t even know what poetic structure is.
I am personally disordered because my life is literally in a shambles most of the time

This blog gives an insight into the trials and tribulations of a mentally ill early-twenties student, trying to get by.


I’m 22

Work in a zoo

This is not a haiku
Engage with me, inspire me.

Please x


123 thoughts on “About

  1. Your poems are lovely, in a strange way. What I admire about you is your truth. I am glad you have decided to follow my blog, and I hope I can provide you some encouragement when you need it. We all have our days of sorrow, but you are a beautiful young lady (seen your pics) with your whole life ahead of you. Please don’t allow yourself to get to discouraged. I know life is hard. Hell, I have some stories I could tell and may tell one day. Keep writing those lovely and meaningful poems, because others as myself enjoy reading them. I hope 2016 is a year full of love, happiness, and new found self discovery for you. I understand you more than you may think I do, or more than you think my message is conveying to you. You are going to do great things in 2016…your writing in itself proves that. Don’t allow anyone to place any negative thoughts or feelings in your spirit or mind. See more of you in 2016!


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