Getting to grips 

I want to do more
with my time
efforts and energies
but somehow,
I just can’t help sitting back
and watching
as it slips though the cracks
in my mentality

and somehow,
that’s okay with me


Game Theory

We live in a pre-packaged society.

For all my life, decisions
have been bundled up
into bite sized packages
set up on a shelf
for me to choose from.

The illusion of choice,
it drives and compels us
to work harder
to work more
to work longer hours
to work more than we play.

But economics is a game
we were always set to lose
and winning isn’t winning
when you’re all beat down and bruised

This is the system that controls us
the system in which we trust
a twisted game of cat and mouse
(we’re all shit out of luck)



In my absence of posts
I’ve been fighting off ghosts
By stitching each day away
Here are two things I’ve made

A hanging heart for the tree
And a pin cushion just for me


Real life update #18

So I’ve had debt collector’s on my ass
For week after painful week
Without any source of income
All there’s been to do is weep

I’ve been going to budget planning
For a whole 3 sessions so far
Today I finally get some money in
And I smashed that debt out hard

Though it’s pretty sad to see
What little you’ve got go out
But at least I can be happy
I’ve cleared up one dark route


Dunedin, Otago

It’s just so damn typical
That 1840’s colonial Scot’s
Upon reaching New Zealand
Would choose to settle down
Plot out a new Edinburgh town
In the harshest, most desolate region
That could be fit for a population


Wish I Could Constantly Write

i want a
brilliant mind
and to write
for all of time

what a life
of joy
with endless marvel
and freedom from strife

if only I were able
to employ
these poetic skills
to financially
get by


HAHAHA! Go show my real life homeboy some love, definitely worth following. His writing is way cleverer than mine too


Not surprised to find that affluence and effluence sound the same.

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