Christmas Morning Bleugh

i’m 23, its Christmas
i wake to the perpetual pain
lingering underneath
my shoulder blade
today is just another day
stabbing physical discomfort
emphasises the anxieties
of this damned holiday

i’m already staring
into this void on my phone
to drown out the memories
the voices
the sounds
i may not get out of bed today
not even to lounge around
i have hope i can be happier
hope I won’t be depressed next year


Seasons Remorse

Christmas brews steadily
midnight hour draws nigh

I’m still here
at the brink of the world
legs slung over the edge
about to fall and die
as the panic from today
bluntly refuses to subside

too depressed to think
too empty to care
Christmas is so lonely
when you’re sick
and can’t feel cheer

Cheers Santa, you fucking asshole

Brain full of fluid
Sharp ringing in ears
Head leaking goo
Merry fucking Christmas
Here’s a mid-summer flu
Just for you!

Oh yeah, New Zealand gets Christmas first *flips off the rest of the world* yes, it is Christmas here… Right now

Merry Christmas all my lovely followers, hope yours is less shit than mine xoxoxo

A Festive ‘Fuck You’

I hate Christmas
Yeah, I know
A wretched taboo
But I hate the shit
Out of that damned day

Yeah it’s true
I really do

I can never afford
The compulsory gifts
I don’t even know these people
Well enough to get
Anything near fitting

So much pressure
Even if you go handmade
They don’t actually give
Less than two shits
About your bullshit
Laborious hand-crafts
Your efforts tossed away
Doubt they’ll see another day

Then the cupboards
Raided, left bare
There’s food to be had
By an army of sad
Soul-sucked bastards
Filling up my house
Demanding the world

As if it hasn’t already
Been hard enough
To get through
The miserable year
Now life throws one last
Festive themed curveball

Get the fuck out of here
You spent the year absent
Stop pretending to care