The Cost of Living

I just received an invoice in the mail
$97 owed to an accident and emergency centre
For when I showed up distressed
Near the end of November
Asking for a quiet place to sit
While my panic attack rode out
And I regained the will to live

This country has medical funding
To ensure good health is maintained
Because accidents do happen
It really is a shame
That the place that I took solace
The place I thought was safe
Has been stripped from my breast
Due to monetary strain

I’ve unintentionally become a suicidal maniac, been having to go to a lot of medical departments recently.. I think this was an admin screw up but I’m too sick to deal with it or even pay it ugh



It’s probably pretty fucked

That I’m sitting here,

Egging on Ebola.

As if it would be

The best apocalypse ever.


Maybe I’m sick and twisted.

But seriously,

It’s the closest we’ll get

To zombies.

Ebola, you badass.