The Problem

restless eyes
beg anxiously for sleep
yet they continue to dart
back and forth
in a dance with the devil
across my iPhone screen
I am the problem
I am society



Waking up is awful
It hurts my aching head
When slumber is an option
I’d rather stay in bed

But what’s socially accepted
Is not to sleep all day
But boy, if I could ever
I’d sleep the year away


Unaided Sleep

Sleeping seems difficult
Since cutting right down
On the 3 wee pills an eve
Which allowed me to drown
Out all the aching thoughts
Cruel memories of each day
But now I surely feel better
In almost each and every way

The lingering symptom
Which has settled in to stay
Is the recurring inability
For my head to hit the hay



Cool breeze billows life
Sneaking underneath curtains
To cease restless sleep


Real life update #17

Resigned to lie in bed all day
It’s been 3 hours and I’m happy
Amongst warm covers I will stay
Lolling about anxiously
Wasting away



sometimes I wake up
on the sleepless floor, don’t re-
member where I am