Yes, of course

‘You’ve been eating like a pig
all day’

is exactly what you should say
to a fading human

who weighs
but 50kg


12 thoughts on “Yes, of course

    • Haha cheers yo, I really do but such a terrible binge eater ahh I like taking everything in large doses :p
      Thanks heaps too that’s an amazing compliment!
      Saw you added me to the Boston Poetry blogroll ❤ wow!! 😀 xx you're the best

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      • I pig out all the time. I eat like 5 sometimes 6 meals a day, haha. But I’m tall and I walk a lot so don’t gain weight. And yeah I added you- you’ve got one of my favorite poetry blogs plus you’re cool as hell. =D ❤ So cheers to that.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Walking is so great! I don’t have a car and walk everywhere.
        Naw you da bomb yo! I’m real stoked you’ve been inspirational as hell, you totally get a free book when it’s sorted x
        Cheers to us! ❤

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