Whirring Thoughts

Feeling so incompetent
Just useless as fuck
Time after time again it seems
I’m straight shit out of luck

The world keeps spinning
Around and around
I’m stumbling off my feet
Getting stupid dizzy
Crumbling underneath weak knees

Will it all fall into place
Before I lose my mind?
Sanity ain’t what it used to be
It’s slipped right out of line


A Festive ‘Fuck You’

I hate Christmas
Yeah, I know
A wretched taboo
But I hate the shit
Out of that damned day

Yeah it’s true
I really do

I can never afford
The compulsory gifts
I don’t even know these people
Well enough to get
Anything near fitting

So much pressure
Even if you go handmade
They don’t actually give
Less than two shits
About your bullshit
Laborious hand-crafts
Your efforts tossed away
Doubt they’ll see another day

Then the cupboards
Raided, left bare
There’s food to be had
By an army of sad
Soul-sucked bastards
Filling up my house
Demanding the world

As if it hasn’t already
Been hard enough
To get through
The miserable year
Now life throws one last
Festive themed curveball

Get the fuck out of here
You spent the year absent
Stop pretending to care


So it seems my woeful fable
Has done a back-flip, landed stable
Now I’m becoming much more able
To fight the illness that made me flail

The agony has matured
Aged past the brewing point
Apathy is being ignored
Less focus spent on flaws

It’s been more than thirty days
Since my body has been saved
Free like a liberated slave
From perpetually stoned ways

Life seems to be back on track
As I’ve rested and relaxed
It’s time to face the fact
That I no longer need a quack


This time last year
There were maggots on the floor
Of the house that I adored
A lifestyle of the flawed

Twenty Thirteen was my best
There was never time to rest
Traveling far and wide abroad
Wishing there was always more

Grand memories to be made
New places in which to play
Beautiful people on display
But all those great times washed away
Down the darkest of storm drains
I lulled aimlessly in the gutter
Eventually messing up my brain

Smoking all the pot I could each day
Drowning in beer without delay
Working hard as hell to pay my way
A lifestyle of the slave