Real life update #13

The Burger King guy
gave me free large fries, is that
a compliment or…?


11 thoughts on “Real life update #13

  1. RUN! He craves you and he knows he can win your heart with free fries. It’s an old trick, pre-internet and maybe post laundromat. It’s evil, pure unadulterated evil. Unless, you like free fries. Everyone has their weak spot.

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    • It was so confusing, I ordered and he said “ahh yes, one large fries coming right up” then beamed this huge smile at me as he put the bag in my hand and ignored my cash. I mean, maybe he was showing off – ‘you can have all the large fries you want, baby’.

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  2. Call me crazy, but I’d go back. If only for the free food. I love free food. Haha. I had to tell a BK customer off the other day. I was in line… this guy was at the counter eating his food (why??) and he starts bitching about how he asked for no mayo, no dill or somesuch and there’s extra mayo and extra dill. Employee-dude says that’s how they come. Customer starts berating him, yelling “What next, rat poison?! Fucking chump!” And starts dropping F bombs. My issue- kids were right there. I told him off.

    I always feel like your pieces are great conversation starters. Anyway, thanks for posting this.

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    • Haha brilliant! Good on you for standing up, it sucks that people give the staff hell in those kinda places I mean, their making your food yo don’t mess with them cuz I’d totally make their burger on the floor if I were re-making it for a dickhead haha.
      Thanks for the kind words! Love ya work x

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